Bank robber stashes loot in Lowe’s trash can

A suspected bank robber in Santa Fe, N.M. was arrested this week after a Lowe’s employee uncovered more than $48,000 in stolen cash from a store trash can, according to an article in the Albuquerque Journal. 

Jaime Jesus Sanchez-Ramos, age 23, was arrested on April 10 and charges with an April 2 robbery at U.S. Bank. The suspect, who was wearing a green hooded jacket and a ski mask, allegedly entered the building and, at gunpoint, demanded money from a teller. Sanchez-Ramos fled with a box of cash stuffed with $52,650, according an FBI affidavit filed in court.

Later that same day, a Lowe’s employee working at a store two blocks away from the bank said he saw a man "putting something into a trash can" near the parking lot. The employee found "a green hooded jacket wrapped around bundles of cash,” and the  money had U.S. Bank wrappers on each cash bundle, according to the affidavit. The total amount recovered from the trash was $48,100. 

An FBI spokesman told the newspaper that federal authorities are looking into whether he's connected to three other Santa Fe bank robberies going back to January.


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