Danco opens Innovation Center in Shorewood

Dallas-based Danco, a supplier of plumbing repair and replacement parts for home improvement retailers, has announced the opening of the Shorewood Innovation Center in Shorewood, Ill.

“The Shorewood Center is a clear demonstration of Danco’s commitment to innovation,” said Mark Ayers, senior VP marketing. "This facility dramatically increases our ability to develop new products internally and to more effectively drive from concept to product reality. And, because of our focus on solutions, we are confident that the products developed here will be of tremendous value to consumers.”

This new facility is exclusively focused on new products, and includes a large wet test area with multiple stations designed to test products far beyond the most extreme conditions.

Here’s who senior VP new product development Michael Schuster describes the process: “We put the same level of engineering and ingenuity into our products as we did developing our 21-ft. water test table. This table is designed to run multiple modular test stations that give us flexibility to plug in any of our custom test fixtures into the system. Having this flexibility allows our quality to be built into the design early in the development cycle and ultimately provides the best product and solution for our customer. Our recirculating pump system allows us to conserve water, similar to many of our products.  Our testing exceeds industry standards and thanks to our computer controlled equipment, we can monitor flow rate and life cycle in extremely harsh water conditions.”