Do it Best vendors give record donation

Habitat for Humanity received $232,900 in product donations from Do it Best vendors following the 2007 Do it Best May market, held at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis.

Fort Wayne, Ind.-based Do it Best gave vendors the opportunity to donate all or part of their booth displays to Habitat for Humanity at the conclusion of the market, and 130 vendors participated, donating everything from pallets of paper towels and tools to large single objects like bathtubs and vanities.

“We just had carpet pieces leaning up against an ugly old brick wall before Do it Best Corp. gave us these beautiful gondola display systems,” says Bill Koen, store manager at Muncie Habitat for Humanity Home Discount Center in Muncie, Ind., which received part of the largest donation Do it Best vendors have ever made following the spring market.

Representatives from 15 Indiana, Ohio and Michigan Habitat affiliates were invited to the May market to receive the merchandise, which was divided into lots of equal dollar value, based on the resale market. Most affiliates use the donated goods to help stock their Re-Stores, which are Habitat for Humanity’s thrift stores that sell items to Habitat and other families and whose sales help fund more proje