DR Power Equipment unveils 3-Point Hitch Mower

DR Power Equipment has announced a new addition to its Trimmer line: the DR 3-Point Hitch Fence Line Mower for tractor owners.

The new mower was added after the company heard from customers that the original Trimmer Mower worked well for small to medium areas of grass and weeds, but that long fence lines required a lot of "on your feet" time. The tractor-mounted DR 3-point hitch Fence Line Mower was designed to meet this need, making trimming long fence lines easier.

The DR 3-Point Hitch Mower features a spring-loaded mowing arm that automatically deflects around fence posts, mail boxes and other obstacles, allowing the machine to trim up close. The pivoting deck allows it to trim around ponds and along roadside ditches as well.

"We are really excited to be able to offer this new Trimmer Mower to our customers with tractors and large properties” said Joe Perrotto, CEO of DR Power Equipment's parent company, Country Home Products. “The walk-behind Trimmers are fantastic for most ho