Eco Building Products’ Red Shield Lumber aids Sandy rebuild

Eco Building Products has announced that the company's Eco Red Shield lumber and line of Disaster Break products are making their rebuild debut and are now being put to use by local residents in the Queens borough of Breezy Point, N.Y.

Now available for purchase by local residents at Breezy Point True Value Hardware (202-34 Rockaway Point Blvd.), Eco Disaster Break (EDB) is a Class A Fire Rated, UV Resistant, high-performance, non-toxic, acrylic coating that forms a waterproof and seamless monolithic membrane. EDB forms a highly protected defensive construction assembly against water penetration, fire ignition, mold and mildew.

Eco Building Products continues to educate residents on how to properly rebuild, as seen in a recent Discovery Channel documentary featuring Eco Red Shield.

"There are a lot of components inclusive of planning and organization that effectively set the stage for what we'd like to label a proper rebuild,” said Steve Conboy, president and CEO, Eco Building Products. “Eco's defensive products and our refined ability to teach the world how to build using new methods have come together in the wake of the recent storms. It's important for us as a community to understand that old methods of building are not going to protect anyone when it comes to taking a stand against these fire storms and hurricanes. Nonetheless, it is these events that catalyze change and promote new methods of building, indicative of innovation and technology."