Elmer’s rolls out new wood filler

Westerville, Ohio-based Elmer’s Products, Inc. continues to expand its reach among home improvement crowds, the glue giant is rolling out a color changing wood filler. 

The wood filler, which is sold in four- and eight-ounce tubs, comes in two colors: purple that dries white, and pink that dries natural. The color-changing element takes the guesswork out of knowing when your handiwork is ready to be painted, sanded or stained. 

This product, aimed at those with light-to-medium DIY experience, is just one of the ways that Elmer’s is working to stand out in a cluttered market. Another is to build up its ProBond Advanced line of products, which the company is hoping will appeal to DIY enthusiasts and professional builders alike. Part of this is emphasizing the strength of the ProBond Advanced products and the fact that they don’t foam like other adhesives.

Among Elmer’s other efforts are partnering with DIY bloggers and sending demonstration kits to retailers so that store associates are better able to help customers navigate the adhesive aisle. 

For Elmer’s, all these efforts are aimed at showing customers that its home improvement products are “not just white glue in a different bottle,” as Elmer’s hardware product manager Emily von Stein said. It’s also about showing people that there’s more to the company’s home improvement adhesives than wood glue.