Enter the remote-controlled light bulb

Danvers, Mass.-based Osram Sylvania signed a deal with Comcast to offer energy-efficient light bulbs that can be controlled remotely from anywhere through the Xfinity Home platform. 

The program will put the spotlight on Sylvania’s new energy-saving LED smart light bulbs that can be plugged into any standard light bulb socket. The benefits of the bulb include up to 83% savings in energy costs and the ability to last up to 17.5 times longer than standard incandescent light bulbs, according to Osram.

Comcast says it becomes the first service provider to offer an integrated remote-controlled light bulb.

“With Osram Sylvania, we are bringing innovative lighting solutions that integrate with the Xfinity Home platform and provide home control and green technology features to our customers,” said Mitch Bowling, senior VP and general manager of New Businesses for Comcast Cable. “Home automation is a growing trend that takes complex ideas and turns them into simple solutions that can be delivered to thousands of people. This is another example of how we are continuing to evolve our Xfinity Home product by creating more innovative home control solutions for our customers to enjoy.”

“We are proud to work closely with Comcast to develop sophisticated, yet easy-to-use, lighting solutions for Xfinity Home,” said Tim Lesch, senior VP of Osram Sylvania. “These energy-saving light bulbs allow consumers to remotely control their lighting via a smart device when they need them, and set the desired level of brightness, while helping to save power and electricity costs “

According to Sylvania, the Ultra iQTM LED BR30 flood light bulb has a life of 35,000 hours, which reduces maintenance and lamp replacement costs. In addition, it has integrated dimming controls that use the Zigbee Home Automation standard to create a system that can be controlled wirelessly for quick and easy adjustments using a smartphone or the Xfinity Home app. The 11w ULTRA iQ BR30 bulb emits 700 lumens providing 63 lumens per watt. Utilizing warm white 2700K color temperature light with a color rendering index (CRI) of 80, the Sylvania ULTRA iQ LED bulbs are dimmable to 5% and can help use up to 83% less energy than the incandescent bulbs they replace.