Flying on the company’s dime

An article in HCN Monday about the coach-only travel policy at Tractor Supply led to unanimous support for the coach class cabin for business trips.

“We have never flown first class unless we were bumped up. Never paid for it in 41 years.”
— George A. Pattee
Chairman and CEO

“At Bostwick-Braun, we ALWAYS fly coach.”
— William R. Bollin
Chairman and CEO
The Bostwick-Braun Co.

“My strategies regarding Air travel is not to fly whenever possible. It’s a royal pain.”
— Bruce Currie

“[Corporate travel] should be treated the same as if it were your own funds. Would you spend your money to fly first class? Probably not, so don’t do it with the company’s money either. Never have for more than 40 years of traveling.”
— Paul Siegel