Former Lowe’s employee charged with harassment

ALowe's employee accused of writing threatening letters to Robert Niblock, the CEO of Lowe's, as well as several female shoppers was arrested on Oct. 6, according to an article in the Tribune Review.

Michael Lee Bowers, 47, of Armagh, Pa., allegedly began sending the letters in August 2005. A criminal complaint states that, between 2005 and 2010, Bowers wrote letters to six women who had recently shopped in the Lowe's store in White, Pa., where Bowers worked. The letters made various demands, some of them vulgar, and threatened the women with violence. All of the victims went to the police.

State police eventually broke the case when one of the women traced a phone call, using caller ID, allegedly made by Bowers while he was working. Bowers confessed to the letters, police said, including a threatening letter to Lowe's chief executive Niblock.

Bowers said he wrote the letters because he was upset with his co-workers and wanted them to be blamed. He has been charged with forgery, attempted extortion, terroristic threats and harassment.