Henry Scrubbers hit cleaning market

El Segundo, Calif.-based Henry Company has introduced a new hand and tool-cleaning product called Henry Scrubbers.

These pre-moistened towels are safe on skin and effective at cleaning asphalt or tar-based mastics, adhesives, coatings and sealants, according to the company. They are also effective for cleaning oils and greases.

Scrubbers can be used to clean hands, tools, equipment, boots, workspaces and other surfaces that inevitably get dirty during construction and repair projects. The new towels contain a water-based, non-toxic formula that cleans hard-to-remove asphalt and tar-based products.

Gerry Chavez, senior product manager for Henry, said: “We are providing [professionals and DIYers] with a new hand and tool cleaning product to help clean up the mess left behind.”

The towels are solvent-free, contain no VOCs and have a low odor.