Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostats help homeowners connect with utilities

Honeywell has announced that its full line of Wi-Fi thermostats will enable homeowners to connect with their utility and receive incentives for cutting down on electricity use. 

"The same technology people purchase today to lower their heating bills can pay extra dividends in the summer months," said Tony Uttley, general manager of Home Comfort and Energy Systems at Honeywell. "Honeywell can easily link homeowners to these additional savings."

Here’s how the incentives work. During the summer, when air conditioners and power plants are running at max capacity, utilities will look to reduce energy use to ease stress on the electrical grid. To do this, they may compensate customers who are willing to raise the temperature in their homes a couple degrees, for a couple hours. These programs, also known as demand response, help keep the power flowing and lights on during heat waves.

In return for raising the temperature, customers can get rebates for installin