House-Hasson’s Moore-Handley deal takes final step

It’s official: The House-Hasson Hardware acquisition of Moore-Handley is in the books.

The final asset disposition remaining from the 2009 deal that brought the former hardware distributor Moore-Handley into the House-Hasson fold has been completed.

Summer Classics furniture has bought the former Moore-Handley building in Pelham, Ala. Summer Classics have said plans call for consolidating the company’s manufacturing and product storage operations in the building, as well as adding a new 10,000-sq.-ft. showroom.

The 428,000-sq.-ft. building and adjoining 18 acres came under House-Hasson’s ownership in October 2009 when it acquired Moore-Handley following that company’s bankruptcy. 

On July 25, 2013, House-Hasson sold the building to the city of Pelham, and it was then sold to Summer Classics for $3.275 million.

“We’re very glad that the building will be used in a way that benefits the people of Pelham,” said Don Hasson, House-Hasson Hardware’s president.

House-Hasson Hardware serves some 2,000 independent hardware stores and lumberyards in 17 states and the Caribbean.