IKEA wins big award for small space marketing

IKEA has been named "best small space solution" by The Intelligence Group, a consumer insights firm, publisher of the Cassandra Report, which highlights youth trends and behavior. 

IKEA was one of the winners of the group's first Cass Awards, which were awarded to companies and brands that best reached Generation Y through their marketing efforts last year.

The company showed young, broke city dwellers how to make the most of small spaces by cramming the contents of an entire warehouse into a 10.5 x 8.8 cm Web banner. Despite its small size, the resultant banner was patently shoppable and the retailer turned the once-thought-arbitrary sidebar Web banner into a functional, useful, and even enjoyable interactive application. Users could “browse” the banner by department, scroll over its miniscule thumbnail images to enlarge them, and click to be redirected to a product’s page for immediate purchase. IKEA planted the banner on the real estate sections of community websites, targeting the host of urbanites in search of serviceable studios and