Legrand offers cable cord solution

West Hartford, Conn.-based Legrand introduced the Wiremold Flat Screen TV Cord and Cable Power Kit as a solution to unsightly cords and cables.

The do-it-yourself kit allows for neat and easy installation in under 30 minutes with no electrician or hard-wiring involved, the company said.

The Wiremold Flat Screen TV Cord and Cable Power Kit includes all parts and tools to power up the TV and hide all the cords and cables.

There’s no hard-wiring of a new wall outlet, no need to attach anything to a stud, and holes are tidy, small and fully covered by finish rings. This solution uses the cavity behind interior or exterior drywall and between the studs to conceal wiring. Grommets plus a power harness and power cord form a plug-to-plug power connection. They also guide low-voltage cables into and out of the wall cavity.

The kit includes fish tape to make cable pulling quick and easy. Finish rings complete the installation with a neat, professional look