Lowe’s Canada opens three new stores

Lowe’s Canada announced it will be opening three new Ontario stores Feb. 1 in Toronto, North Brampton and East Gwillimbury.

Lowe’s Canada opened its first three stores Dec. 10 in South Brampton, Brantford and Hamilton, Ontario. The company currently has more than 30 locations planned for expansion and has a total expansion goal of 100 stores across Canada.

Don Stallings, president of Lowe’s Canada, said in a previous interview with HCN that he’s hoping to bring a Canadian feel to the new Lowe’s locations.

“It’s a Canadian business basically. I’ve had many people ask me ‘Isn’t this basically just the U.S. operation dropped up north?’ and that’s not the case. It’s a Canadian business that’s being staffed by Canadians being managed at the local level at the stores by all Canadians,” he said.

The new stores include special features such as a “help button” in almost every aisle, designed to bring an associate within 60 seconds, as well as a three-in-line policy for checkouts.