Lowe’s to Guam: Send us your orders

Lowe’s is offering to ship products to residents of Guam -- a U.S. territory where it doesn’t have a store -- through its international service, according to an article in the Pacific Daily News

Customers in Guam can e-mail the company for products they would like to purchase, and Lowe's will have that item shipped to them, Mike Hsieh, Lowe's International sales specialist, told the newspaper. 

The products don’t have to be from Lowe’s; almost any hardware product sold in the United States can be shipped.  

"It could be something they see at Home Depot or any other stores," Hsieh said. "We will be able to get it and give them a price."

Customers who order items from Lowe’s International will be responsible for the shipping costs. International sales are subject to review, and there are restrictions on what can be exported.

Interested customers looking for a certain product are asked to send an e-mail to Lowe's international sales team; Lowe’s does not sell products overseas through its e-commerce site.