Lowe’s looks to build in Cape Cod

Mooresville, N.C.-based Lowe’s is in the early stages of bringing a store to South Dennis, Mass., on Cape Cod.

"The site Lowe's is pursuing has been designated in the Cape Cod Commission's Regional Policy Plan as being within an Economic Center," said Stacey Lentz, a Lowe's spokeswoman. "We will work with the town, Cape Cod Commission and stakeholders to make this a project the community and Lowe's can be proud of."

The timing is also a question, but a finished project appears to be “a few years away," according to an article in the Cape Cod Times.

Lentz said the company was currently working with local officials to determine the size of the store.

The area has a tradition of resisting national chains. The project must pass muster with the Cape Cod Regional Policy Plan and a Development of Regional Impact review, according to the article. 

Lowe’s intends to build 10 stores in 2012, pushing its count to 1,755.