Lowe’s realigns senior leadership team

Lowe’s has announced a realignment of its leadership team to “more sharply focus the company on strategies to create and deliver seamless customer experiences.” Seamless retail across the brick and mortar and digital channels is a major focus of the retailer’s strategy. 

The retailer moved its executives into two teams: the Customer Experience organization, which will create customer experiences to differentiate Lowe’s from competitors, and the Operations organization, focused on delivering the customer experience.

The Customer Experience group will be led by Gregory Bridgeford, who was promoted to chief customer officer on May 5, after serving as EVP business development. Reporting to him will be:

• Bob Gfeller, now customer experience design executive; Gfeller was previously the EVP merchandising. Gfeller will lead the creation of customer experiences across channels, and will continue to fulfill his merchandising duties until Lowe’s fills that position.

• Tom Lamb, now chief marketing officer; previously Lamb was the SVP marketing and advertising. He is now responsible for all communications and marketing.

• Mike Mabry, now digital interfaces executive; Mabry was previously the EVP logistics and distribution. Mabry will lead the planning, development, and operation of Lowe’s website and other digital communications platforms.

Meanwhile, Rick Damron started his job as chief operating officer on May 5, after serving as EVP store operations. Damron will lead the Operations group, which will include:

• Dennis Knowles, now U.S. stores executive; Knowles previously served as SVP specialty sales and store operations support. He will manage operations of U.S. retail stores.

• Brent Kirby, now sales and service fulfillment executive; previously Kirby was SVP store operations, North division. Kirby will be managing operations of sales and services outside U.S. stores, including contact centers, installation, repairs and on-site sales.

• Gary Wyatt, real estate executive, will continue to manage real estate, engineering and construction, and facilities. He will lead design, planning, construction and maintenance of retail and customer service spaces for the U.S. business.

At the same time, Lowe’s also announced additional changes to its employee ranks:

• Richard Maltsbarger will serve as the new business development executive. Maltsbarger had served as SVP strategy. Maltsbarger is responsible for strategic planning, business process management, research and Lowe’s innovation center.

• Brian Peace is now corporate administration executive. Previously, Peace served as SVP corporate affairs. Peace is responsible for government affairs, corporate facilities, corporate security, aviation, and corporate events, and travel.

• Doug Robinson will now be head of international operations and development. Robinson had been SVP international operations and customer support services. Robinson will lead the retailer’s operations in Canada and Mexico, as well as international development.