Lowe’s reaps more than $350,000 in N.M. job training funds

Lowe’s is one of three companies chosen by the New Mexico Department of Economic Development to receive cash incentives to create nonretail service or manufacturing jobs, according to an article in the New Mexico Business Weekly.

The Job Training Incentive Program board approved $357,918 for the Lowe's  customer support center in Albuquerque to help the company train 150 new employees. Ultimately, Lowe’s said it plans to staff the center with 600 employees. So far, it has hired approximately half that number.

The Job Training program also approved $40,104 for two jobs at JackRabbit Systems in Santa Fe and $14,400 for two jobs at Plenish Inc. in Taos.

JackRabbit Systems is an Internet-booking engine that allows users to access hotel inventory through city and state tourism websites. According to the news report, JackRabbit has served 47 clients in the past seven months.

Plenish Inc., a skincare and cosmetics designer and producer located in Taos, N.M., also does private-label manufacturing.

The state’s Jobs Training program reimburses new and expanding companies for a portion of training costs if they qualify under certain criteria, which include creating new jobs that either make a product or provide a nonretail service in New Mexico with half of the company's customer and revenue base located outside the state.