Maytag’s new face: Meet Maytag Man

Appliance manufacturer Maytag, which is part of the Whirlpool Corp., has introduced an integrating marketing campaign and new face of its brand: the Maytag Man.

The company made over its Maytag Repairman; the new Maytag Man has a new role as the machine. He will be featured as Maytag appliances, “the human embodiment of the brand’s core values of reliability, durability and power,” according to the company.

“No longer is our brand character sitting idle, lamenting his boredom due to Maytag brand’s legendary inability to breakdown,” said William Beck, senior director of Whirlpool, Maytag, Value Brands and Channel Marketing. “The Maytag Man is now the actual machine, symbolizing the reliability, durability and power that Maytag appliances are known for.”  

The character will be featured in a series of videos that depict him as the machine, performing the duties that a Maytag machine. Check him out on and follow him on Twitter @TheMaytagMan.