Ornamental fencing to help boost industry sales

Demand for fencing in the U.S. is forecast to expand 7.1% annually through 2016, according to a report just released by The Freedonia Group, a Cleveland-based market research firm. Growth will be driven by an expected rebound in building construction from a depressed 2011 base.  Advances will also be supported by rising installation of high-value fences, such as ornamental metal and composite fencing.  Consumers are turning to these materials because of their favorable aesthetic and performance properties, the report said.

Among fencing materials, plastic and composite is forecast to see the most rapid growth in demand through 2016, given their low-maintenance requirements and “green” reputation. In 2011, metal fencing accounted for the largest share of the fencing market in both dollar value and linear feet. This takes in both chain link fencing and ornamental metal fencing.

Demand for metal fencing will increase in line with the industry average through 2016.  High-value ornamental fencing will spur dollar gains. In addition to the rebound in housing activit