At PDIS: Conversations with award winners

One lumber executive was from the Washington, D.C.-area. Another was based in San Marcos, Texas. One ran six units, the other 83, but they both share a common award -- the Home Channel News Pro Dealer of the Year award.

During an educational session at the 2011 ProDealer Industry Summit, Gaithersburg, Md.-based TW Perry CEO Michael Cassidy and Meagan McCoy Jones of McCoy Building Supply led an informal discussion about best practices and the forces shaping the industry. Six-unit TW Perry received the HCN Pro Dealer of the Year award for 2011; while McCoy's accepted the award in 2009.

Here are some of the highlights from the presentation:

On Confidence and the overdue housing market recovery:

Michael Cassidy: "No matter what the national numbers are, the local numbers matter a lot more than the national numbers. Locally, I wish the numbers were better, but I'm confident because my team will find a way to make our numbers better. They've done that year after year."

Meagan McCoy Jones: "We expect a little increase next year in terms of sales. And some of that is we see some opportunity. Those of us who are here -- it has been a hard-fought battle, and unfortunately, not everybody has been able to make it. So we are seeing consolidation in some of our markets, and we're about to benefit from some of the opportunities."

On employee moral in tough times:

McCoy Jones: "It's interesting. We haven't been in a position to pay out bonuses, for example, for some years, or to give some hourly employees 40 hours or overtime. Now, all of a sudden, the very inexpensive factor of gratitude becomes even more valuable. We spend a lot of energy trying to be grateful. Walkin