Readers Respond: What is ‘Made in USA?’

[The following letter is a response to “NRF sees ‘made in USA,’ even in imports,” which appeared in the May 28 HCN Daily.] 

"Is the NRF trying to make us believe even though a product comes in from China, it's really to be considered a U.S.-made product because it has 'some' U.S. content?  That's stretching the truth.

"We U.S. manufacturers are greedy ... we want 'all of the jobs' here, not part of them. The FTC states, 'all, or virtually all' is the requirement for 'Made in USA.'  There are no other legal designations.

"I think if the NRF were to poll the millions of Americans out of work, they might sing a different song." 

— Bill Keller,
Keller Mfg. Co.,
d.b.a. Gardex,
St. Louis, Missouri


As an American made

As an American made manufacturer, I was told that if I use all or most all imported raw materials for my product I cannot list my product as made in America... it would have to be marked as assembled in America! I believe I need something like 70% or more of all my parts to be made in the US, which is becoming VERY hard to do ! Because I have one supplier after another closing their doors or doubling their price I am having a hard time getting raw materials Made in the USA. I'd, first like to see the NRF support and help out companies with machines in factories in the USA with a lower percentage of USA raw materials. The real strength of this great country is we (were) the industrial leader of the world, and today it's China! So, whether we like it or not we have to eat a lot more crow today then we did plus we owe China how many Trillions ??? Plus we're paying interest on that money so we can buy their products, so we - dear Lord we need to get off this crazy merry-go-round, etc... So, NRF thank you for doing something and I do know the American People are waking up regarding this issue. I receive 2 - 3 calls a WEEK from Ma & Pa homeowners thanking me for making my product here. We all need to push this MADE IN THE USA and the KEY is to manufacture on American soil one order at a time. Much Success, Ray M.Schlosser President Aero-Tech Light Bulb Co.