Rolling out its ERP system, ProBuild hires Mohawk exec

Don Riley, the former chief information officer of carpet manufacturer Mohawk, has been selected as the new executive VP supply chain and technology for ProBuild. This surprise appointment, announced Nov. 23, reached outside the LBM industry to fill a role overseeing the largest pro dealer’s supply chain, information technology and manufacturing organizations.

Reporting to Riley will be Paul Dodge, senior VP supply chain; Lonnie Bernardoni, senior VP manufacturing and business process improvement lead; and John Huber, chief information officer.

According to the announcement, Riley’s job will be to integrate the company’s IT, supply chain and manufacturing divisions. “Riley’s duties will also include the planning and implementation of enterprise IT systems in support of business operations in order to improve cost-effectiveness and service quality. Additionally, Riley will direct and manage ProBuild’s technology infrastructure and environment, including the design and development of business-focused application solutions to support ProBuild’s business operations.”

 A tall order, given the scope of the company’s attempt to integrate all its lumberyard acquisitions into one Oracle-based ERP system. An initial rollout of the “ProEdge” platform on the East Coast to former Strober units did not go smoothly, and a series of snags and cost overruns have followed as the company has tried to make it work on both the front and back end at other ProBuild  locations. But ProBuild is determined to move forward with ProEdge and has scheduled more rollouts for next year.  Jennifer Thurman, a spokeswoman for ProBuild, would not disclose the exact number of lumberyards or their locations, but she called the ProEdge rollout “a top priority” for the Denver-based company.

“We have already begun additional deployment efforts [this year],” Thurman said. “In 2012, we will continue to focus on deploying ProEdge and driving new and enhanced capabilities and technology, delivering competitive advantage into the marketplace.”

Leading the charge will be Riley, who has a strong background in both information technology and logistics. As the senior VP and CIO at Mohawk, the 49-year-old executive was responsible for the carpet manufacturer’s global information systems and strategies and its logistic functions in North America. The company operates 50 distribution centers and 250 wholesale outlet stores and operates its own tr