Sherwin-Williams Foundation awards grant to MedWish

Sherwin-Williams has awarded its annual signature grant to MedWish International. The $50,000 grant will create the Sherwin-Williams Children's Health Fund (SWCHF), which will expedite the shipment of medical supplies from Northeast Ohio to children worldwide.          

The SWCHF will provide subsidies of up to $7,500 per 40-ft. shipping container to supply projects in developing countries throughout the world.

"Funding from Sherwin-Williams will make it possible to distribute 105 tons of medical supplies, such as ultrasound machines to ensure healthy births, microscopes for early detection of life-threatening diseases, and gloves and masks to protect patients and their caregivers," said Dr. Lee Ponsky, president and founder of MedWish. "Thanks to the generosity of Sherwin-Williams, all of these supplies and much more will be made available to children around the globe."

MedWish has already used the SWCHF to subsidize its first shipment of 2012: more than 20,000 lbs. of life-saving supplies to Honduras.

"The Sherwin-Williams Foundation is very pleased to support the inspirational work of MedWish," said Chris Connor, chairman and CEO of The Sherwin-Williams Company. "Their mission of reaching out to children around the world with life saving supplies shows how a public-private partnership can offer a helping hand to children in need.”

MedWish International is a Cleveland-based non-profit organization, which recovers, repurposes and redistributes donated medical supplies and equipment healthcare providers have discarded. The organization works with more than 50 hospitals, private practices and medical device companies.