Therma-Tru launches a Pulse line of entry doors

Maume, Ohio-based Therma-Tru introduced a new line of Pulse modern-style doors.

The contemporary door styles reflect four aesthetic feelings, according to the company: Eclectically Chic, Mid-Century Modern, Retrospective and Distinctively Modern.

“Pulse doors capture a modern feel, but at the same time bring you back to the 1940s through 1960s when door styles were simple,” said Derek Fielding, senior product manager for Therma-Tru Corp.

“The Mid-Century Modern style is reflected in architecture, design and even furnishings found in the home from roughly 1933 to 1965. The goal during the post-war era was to bring modernism into America’s suburban areas. For homes, the emphasis was on creating open floor plans with lots of opportunities to bring the outdoors inside. A great example is the classic home found in the old Brady Bunch television show. “ 

Available in oak-grained fiberglass, smooth (paintable) fiberglass and steel, Pulse doors come i