Weyerhaeuser is offering OSB rebates

Forest products supplier Weyerhaeuser has announced a mail-in rebate program for building industry professionals this summer on several of its oriented strand board (OSB) products. The company is offering $3.00 cash back per panel of 7/8-in. or thicker of Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold flooring (or $1.50 for each 23/32-in. panel), and $1.00 per panel of Weyerhaeuser Radiant Barrier Sheathing (RBS) -- up to 100 panels for each product line. Building material dealers also can earn rebates of $0.25 per panel, up to $250 total for Edge Gold flooring and up to $100 total for RBS. 

Purchases made from May 1 to Sept. 30, 2012, by users who have not purchased the products in the last 6 months, are eligible. More details on the rebate promotions are available at woodbywy.com/Gold for the flooring program and  woodbywy.com/Silver for the RBS program.

Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold flooring panels feature Down Pore self-draining technology to drain water off of floors during construction, which helps eliminate potential d