Art show erupts in hardware store


Artists were turned loose on tools, such as this shovel.


The show runs through mid-January.


Aficionados hunted for art in the paint aisle.


A paint chip becomes a work of art.


So does a brush.


Hammer art, made of nails.


“Rosie the Outlet,” acrylic on gloss paper.


“Manly things” are in aisle six.

When K&B True Value owner Jared Littmann was approached by a group of local, Annapolis, Md., artists to use his store as a stage for a whimsical art show, he didn’t hesitate.

“All I have to do is open the doors and maybe sell some things to people,” he said. “So, it was not a hard decision.” 

The show is described on K&B’s Facebook page as “one of the coolest and strangest art shows in Annapolis.”

Part of the appeal is the scavenger-hunt style of display. Art lovers often don’t know where to look, because the art blends into the aisles, the signs and the merchandise.

The show opened on Dec. 20 and will run through mid-January.