Decked out: Five unique decks for summer


Dixon Springs, Ill., residents Stephanie Brown and Rick Street are a local (and online) legend thanks to their guitar-shaped deck, which they recently restored to pre-viral hit conditions.


Not everyone can afford coastal real estate. Mesa Garden Studio tried a different take on the infinity pool with this contemporary waterfall deck.


Forget stairs -- multi-level construction provides an unexpected alternative. The two-tone finish adds another layer of unconventional flair.


In Home Ideas takes plenty of inspiration from the elements. A wave-shaped deck and adjoining “lily pads” create a seamless experience -- assuming no one falls in.


No man is an island, but some decks are. Lowe’s provides this outside-the-box idea in order to break the fourth wall of deck construction.

HCN editors often receive photos of interesting and elaborate decks. Here are five recent examples.