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August 2, 2011

EPA lead rule suffers setback

“There is no need for a better ‘test kit,’ as highly reliable and affordable X-Ray Fluorescence technology has been in use for decades. There are many consultants who have XRF machines, and lead inspections are inexpensive. XRF testing produces no damage, while ‘test kits’ and chip sampling involves producing widely scattered damage (12 to 15 sample locations for a typical room in a house).

August 2, 2011

In yesterday's HCN Monday, an article under the headline "Forty guns stolen from Georgia hardware store" raised the question: What are the gun seller's responsibilities when it comes to preventing theft?

Here's what we heard from our readers:

June 20, 2011

Two news items last week -- here and here -- pointed to the potential for sales of medicinal marijuana-related products. Here's what we heard from readers.